About Us

Indulge in Denver is the Mile High City's magazine dedicated to indulging your senses. Each glossy, four-color issue will show you where to find the freshest ingredients, the best dining, cooking classes, wine tastings, fabulous beer, craft spirits, festivals and much, much more. It is our pleasure to share the best that Denver has to offer with those who truly appreciate it.


Our staff and contributors work hard to bring you everything you want and need to know about cooking, dining, beer, wine and spirits in Denver. We have chefs, spice gurus, cheese experts, sommeliers and many others who share their recipes, wisdom, wine recommendations and more with our readers throughout the year.


Our event calendars will also ensure that you don't miss any of the hottest events in town. Be sure to check out our tastings calendar, specialty dining & events calendar, beer events calendar and cooking class calendars in each issue.


You work hard, so please take a little time to indulge. We hope you can join us.